A couple of days ago at lunch, ObnoxiousColleague (OC) line of thought somehow morphed into saying: Women don’t belong in science at all! In fact, they should stay at home, in the kitchen. they have no place in science. I mean, we shouldn’t have to reference them. Or if we did, maybe in an appendix, in a very small font. This was picked up by some other colleagues, so off they went in this strain for a good 5 minutes. Thinking it was all very funny and not all objectionable. Or if it was, I could react no? I was there, after all.

My only reaction was looking at them with raised eyebrows, and indicating that all I heard was ‘blablabla’. No way was I going to show these idiots that I would really like to hit them and yell at them, saying that maybe they should start working in an environment where this is thought to be hilarious (albeit about males, then, I suppose). If this gets back to woman / girls who are less self-assured, it’s easy to think: see? I’m not worthwhile and I’ll never be, because that’s the kind of jokes they make about woman in science. And then people wonder why I rarely join lunch when I know this combination of colleagues is around. So therefore, sometimes my colleagues are truly dolts who exhibit no sensibility whatsoever.