So far, the grant proposal for the post-doc position has been rewritten (and improved, I hope) and been sent back to my prospective supervisor and some other people. One of them said they will for sure look at it beginning of next week, which is good.

The discussion and conclusion of the journal article have been somewhat written, but it turned out that bits of the results were missing, so I’ve been fixing that first. If I continue work on it today it could be finished enough to send to supervisors, and internal company reviewers.

Chapter: will start on that as soon as the article has gone off to reviewers, but will wait to send chapter to supervisors until the feedback and comments on the article have been processed.

Method section: haven’t looked at it yet, but at least I made pictures of the experimental set-up.

Experiment: FINISHED! 100 people in 4 weeks, with sessions lasting around 100 minutes. Next time I’ll come up with an experiment that doesn’t last so long and doesn’t require so many people! (After which I reviewed my grant proposal and failed that intention quite completely – although the time should be split up into different sessions. Experience tells me this is not necessarily better, but it will be different.)