It took a while, but I finally got feedback on my first draft from my other supervisor. It looks like the data fit a 3D structure much better than a 2D structure, and while it all makes a lot of sense, in essence it still might be hard to write this down in a comprehensible manner.

Tomorrow we have another meeting with all of us (i.e. both supervisors and promoter), and then I’d like this article to be on the agenda. Well, it’s up to me to make the agenda, so what do I want to discuss?
– my dataset, which generates errors and I don’t know what do to about them (prolly will make an appointment with one supervisor to figure it out)
– my online questionnaire, which is finally finished and now needs to be sent to several mailing lists. Do they (granted, mostly promoter) approve of the set-up, and what kind of announcement/begging test are they in favour of?
– the article I’m still writing on, mostly discussing the 3D figure, and the implications for my research (which are quite positive)
– the article that should have been written ages ago, but is being held up by the analysis of the giant dataset.
– the rest of my planning, which involves one more experiment somewhere in september and writing everything up (should I start filling in forms, or is it too early?)