It’s finally that time of my PhD: the first serious draft for a journal article has been sent to my supervisors. I’ve collected feedback (including some from my promotor), and can now make some more headway. Mostly it consists of explaining terms differently, making better connections and re-connections and explaining the underlying motivations. All things expected really, so that’s positive! Also, the better it is when I submit the article, the better this will be for the actual thesis, since this should become a chapter in the end.

Of course, there’s a multidimensional challenge: interpreting data is never easy, but having non-orthogonal axes in 2D or more Ds is an especially tricky one. Let’s hope 3 dimensions (or 2,5) are sufficient, because it’s a wee bit hard to have 3D figures in an article.

I’d like to submit this to the journal by the end of august, and I’m starting to think it’s a realistic deadline.