While lots of FAW’s friends and colleagues decided to use the Memorial Day Weekend to work some more, FAW herself thought this was an excellent time for some time away from her laptop and other work-related stuff.It helped that FAWmama and FAWpapa decided to take some time away as well and kindly offered her and FAWpartner a ride to one of the more beautiful European cities.

The drive was well worth it, and so FAW has spend quite some time walking around, admiring buildings and views, listening to classical concerts FAWpapa picked and visiting several museums. The musea offered splendid displays of fabric, glassware, drawings/paintings and timekeeping machines.

However, the weather was a bit more splendid than expected, and therefore FAW needed different walking shoes quite urgently:

North Face Sidney

North Face Sidney

They are so comfortable, as if I’m walking barefeet on little pillows. Definitely worth the investment, and while not particularly elegant, still pretty.

After all this walking around and admiring, I’m ready and recharged to pick up where I left off.