Last weekend, a new and interesting stress relief activity presented itself: hitting people with a sword. (Actually, latex was in there before, but while talking to colleagues that did seem rather wrong.) It means I’ve indulged in a spot of live action role-playing activity, with the emphasis on live and action.


Somebody else appearing in the guise of an elf (a la Isis)

While my ears itch like mad now, the satisfaction of killing several highwaymen, undead, werewolves, ghouls and vampires seems to last longer than expected. Also, the simplicity of this weekend was refreshing. The main question was, when bored: should I go out in the woods and try and find some more highwaymen or go and take a nap to make sure I last the evening/night?
Chances are high that this activity will be repeated, as long as it enables me to safely hit / kill whatever is available. Maybe one day I’ll even volunteer to play one of the monsters, since that might give even more scope for action.