Recently, during a discussion with my UniversitySupervisor about data, I mentioned that doing the analyses she suggested might take a while since I didn’t know how to implement them in Matlab. UniversitySupervisor wondered whether this dependence on others isn’t annoying for my work – wouldn’t I want to learn how to do it myself?

Why, yes… in a way… but I want to learn what I need, which isn’t really on offer around here since it mostly concerns statistics in Matlab. Also, frankly, rumming around with data without really knowing what I’m doing was a scary idea. Until realizing that that’s what we do most of the time anyway, so why not take the plunge, read lots of Help files and see how far I can get without calling in my Matlab-person? And while things haven’t been exactly smooth sailing, and asking for help from several people was necessary betimes, so far it has worked out. Now I have a better feeling of accomplishment, not to mention a better understanding of which processes my data have gone through exactly.

If only my data would make as much sense as the processes, life would be entirely enjoyful this week.