The workshop proposal is mostly written, huray! I will have to ask for an extension, but that’s more to guarantee that my co-chairs have time to write their ‘about’ pieces and give the last version a once-over to see if they agree with everything. At least we’re all in the same time-zone!

Surprisingly enough, writing this workshop proposal seemed a lot easier than writing a regular paper. Maybe because here, the one point that the workshop would run around was clear form the beginning. What we needed most was an example of how to write it down properly and relevantly. CompanySupervisor2 provided that example (she’s not one of the co-chairs though), and it helped a lot with shaping our own proposal.

One of the toughest things to do was to find a good title, so FSP’s last post about choosing the right title came right on time. First, I considered a title with a colon, as in “Evaluating X: appropriate methods and techniques”. That seemed a little too generic, and not that attractive. After looking over the examples, we’ve now settled for “Challenges in evaluating the X user experience”. Less generic, more attractive, still tells you what we would like to look at in the workshop.

Since my master student just left for an extended vacation I won’t have to edit his thesis either, which is good news. The time allocated for that will probably go to interviewing prospective students for three other internships though… so I don’t think I’ll feel like I have nothing to do with students this month.

One of my reviewers just walked in with feedback. Back to workshop proposal I go…