When I started working on my PhD at Company, my work was embedded in Project1. After about 1,5 years, Project1 finished and I started transferring my work to another related Project2. Still good, no problem. Until, about half a year ago, Project2 was finished too and no other projects in that direction were going on. So far, it was all a treat. I’ve attended 3 big international overseas conferences, because the Company’s directions are that if you have a presentation (or a poster) somewhere, you’re allowed to attend. There weren’t any big money issues, and if there were snatches and problems in the PhD, it was all content-related (okay, I confess, there were plenty and the biggest one was to decide on the final direction!).

Unfortunately, the finishing of Project2 coordinated with the reorganization of where the money for PhDs is supposed to come from within Company. And the new rule is: you have to belong to a project and actively collaborate! (A.k.a.: you’ve been tricked!). This isn’t a problem as long as there’s a subject that pertains to your PhD. Not so for me… there’s one project (henceforth known as Project3) which is sideways related, and through various tricks we could combine some stuff.

Problem nr. 1: my manager thinks I’m acting unCompany a lot, so I have to change this impression gradually

Problem nr. 2: Project3leader had the impression that I could take over everything related to user/fieldtests.

Problem nr. 2 is relatively easy solved. CompanySupervisor and Project3leader and I had fruitful discussion, and it has now been decided that I will set up researchquestions in coordination with Project3leader. This should lead to the hiring of several master students who then will do design / user / field studies. Overall, it’s not a bad things. The topic is interesting, and it shouldn’t prevent me from finishing my PhD within the given time. However, problem nr.1 remains and that is making me feel somewhat tricked. Especially since he didn’t come talk to me, it came out in a rant to CompanySupervisor.

The jury is still out whether the idea of doing a PhD in both Company and Univerisity was a treat or a trick, but right now it’s feeling a lot more like the latter.