Sometimes, it’s good to rant about the way things are in life, for example sexism in academia. However, most of the time I can’t complain about sexism, overt or not. This isn’t because it doesn’t exist, but mostly because I haven’t experienced a lot of it during my carrier as student. What I have experienced is more along the lines of positive discrimination, probably. When you work in an environment with a lot more men than women, the women will stand out, whether they want to or not. As such, it is easier to be noticed when one accomplishes publications, etc. (of course, it is also easier to be noticed when one screws up completely).

As FemaleScienceProfessor mentioned, if you are in a category of which there are few representatives, you can have more options, and can allow yourself to be picky. This seems to be rather rare, though. Either that, or people find it not worth mentioning, because it isn’t really something to rant about. So I’m left wondering whether it is really rare, or whether my perception is at fault here.

When I went to MUniversity, to study psychology, it was actually quite a shock to be in an environment with so many women/girls/females, because it is not at all what I was used to and it became a lot harder to stand out, just based on your appearance. Although a lot of people wish for neutrality in judgement, it seems that this is out of the question. Well, if that’s so, I’d rather be prepared than sitting in a corner crying because I was taken unaware by a sexist pig. Anybody care to give me some chances to practice my skills?